The HCIL’s Annual Symposium and Open House will highlight the cutting-edge research being conducted in the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland. The event consists of a day of tutorials and workshops (Thursday, June 3rd) followed by the Symposium & Open House (Friday, June 4th)
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There will be a series of talks followed by demonstrations of all of the lab projects with time to meet and talk with researchers in an informal setting.

Pre-Symposium Events—June 3, 2004
Tutorials and Workshop
A.V. Williams Building

Symposium and Open House—June 4, 2004
Hoff Theater-Adele Stamp Student Union

We appreciate the sponsorship of:
  • AOL
  • The Hive Group
  • Microsoft Research
  • Intel
  • University of Maryland: Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, Department of Computer Science, College of Information Studies, Department of 
    Psychology, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences, Institute for Systems Research


8:15am Sign-in and Coffee

9:00am Welcome: Ben Bederson, Director of HCIL
  Keynote Speaker: Jenny Preece, Online Communities
  Session I—Public Access
Session Chair—Ben Shneiderman

Enabling Citizen Access to Government Data through a Statistical Knowledge Network
Ben Shneiderman

  Listening to Maps
Haixia Zhao, Ben Smith
  Usability Methods Using Dual Monitors
Kent Norman, Susan Campbell, and Walky Rivadeneira
  Show Me! Making Compelling Narrated Recordings that Explain User Interfaces
Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant

  Session II—Public Access II
Session Chair—Douglas W. Oard
  Improving Access to Oral History Collections
Douglas W. Oard
  Children’s Book Searching and Selection Behavior Using the International Children’s Digital Library
Kara Reuter
  The Role of Books, Libraries, Technology, & Culture in Children’s Lives:
An International Study

Allison Druin, Ann Weeks, Sheri Massey, Adrienne LaGier
  Keeping Track of Notes with NoteLens
Ben Bederson
  Improving Photo Annotation to Support Enriched Presentations
Bongwon Suh, Jack Kustanowitz
Afternoon Session III—Interaction & Visualization
Session Chair—Catherine Plaisant
Dave Levin, Kevin Conroy, François Guimbretière
  CrossY : Crossing Interface System for the Tablet PC
Georg Apitz
  Flipping as a Method of Digital Document Navigation
 Liyang Sun, François Guimbretière
  Benefits of Animated Scrolling
Christian Klein, Ben Bederson
  Gene Chasing with the Hierarchical Clustering Explorer: Finding Meaningful Clusters in High Dimensional Data
Jinwook Seo, Ben Shneiderman
  Understanding TimeSeries with TimeSearcher
Aleks Aris, Catherine Plaisant
3:30-5:00pm OPEN HOUSE—Demonstrations

Projects will be demonstrated in the labs (free event). No registration is required.

All interfaces introduced during the symposium will be demonstrated. In addition to those projects presented, the following will also be included in the afternoon demonstrations:
  • DateLens: Scaleable Calendar Interface for PDAs

  • Keeping Track of Notes with Notelens

  • FamiliarFace: Using Annotations to Generate Presentations

  • Data Visualization with Treemap

  • TimeSearcher: Overview and Spikes in Time-Series Data

  • Finding Meaningful Clusters with HCE

  • Hazard Room

  • International Children’s Digital Library  

  • TaxonTree and DoubleTree

  • Photo Annotation and Photomesa

  • Crossing Interface System for the Tablet PC

  • A Demonstration of the Paper Augmented Digital Document System

  • Online Comparison Shopping

  • Listening to Maps: Spatial Audio

  • Enabling Citizen Access to Government Data through a Statistical Knowledge Network

  • Usability Methods Using Dual Monitors

  • Improving Access to Oral History Collections

  • A Tangible Interface for Document Navigation


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