Interaction Laboratory

13th Annual
& Open House

Friday, June 7, 1996 Van Munching Hall Tyser Auditorium room 1212

cool stuff & hot interfaces

Computer Science, HCIL
Visible Human Explorer
LifeLines and workflow browser
Query Previews for NASA earth science data
Elastic Windows
Personal Role Manager
[PICTURE] Advanced Visualization Lab
Space weather forecasting for earth's magnetosphere (3D)
Planetary magnetic field structure: Uranus and Neptune (3D)
3D-Bird: neurological structure of a chicken brain
The Maryland Earth Science CD-ROM
[PICTURE] Psychology
Experiments on interface apparency: Seeing is knowing
Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction:
QUIS on the Web
HyperCourseware and the Switched-On Classroom
[PICTURE] College of Library and Information Services
Library of Congress National Digital Library
[PICTURE] Computer Science Center
Technology in the Classroom: Transforming Teaching/Learning
[PICTURE] Computer Mapping & Spatial Analysis Lab
GUIs for working with geographic data - for patrons of local
libraries, and for students learning geography
[PICTURE] Art Department Electronic Media Center
The Museum Educational Site Licensing Project: digital
representations of art from selected museum collections
[PICTURE] Space Sciences Lab
Human Control Station Design For Space Robotics






Materials Package

Web Accessibility