Interaction Laboratory

13th Annual
& Open House

Friday, June 7, 1996
Van Munching Hall
Tyser Auditorium
room 1212

cool stuff & hot interfaces
8:30 - Sign in at Van Munching Hall MATERIALS PACKAGE
(provided to all Industry and Faculty/Staff registrants)
Collection of recent HCIL technical reports
Full set of visual materials used in the morning lectures
Video Technical Report (one hour, 1/2" tape)
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cool stuff & hot interfaces
cool stuff & hot interfaces WELCOME: Ben Shneiderman

cool stuff & hot interfaces USER INTERFACE DESIGN: Catherine Plaisant
Visualizing life histories for case worker decision support
Anne Rose, Jason Ellis, Stephan Greene, Catherine Plaisant, Ajitha Pattasseril
Applying Cognetics' Quality Usability
Engineering methodology
Anne Rose, Scott Gilkeson, Charles Kreitzberg
Elastic Windows for rapid multiple window management
Eser Kandogan
Interface apparency: Seeing where you want to go.
Diane Alonso
cool stuff & hot interfaces
cool stuff & hot interfaces cool stuff & hot interfaces
Library of Congress National Digital Library
Anita Komlodi, Gary Marchionini, Catherine Plaisant, Raj Leyl
Tracking down map data
Derek Thompson, Gary Marchionini, Jeffrey Burka Jeffi
Query Previews for exploring massive networked data:
- NASA earth science data
Khoa Doan, Catherine Plaisant, Egemen Tanin
- Visible Human Explorer: 2-D or not 2-D
Chris North
cool stuff & hot interfaces
cool stuff & hot interfaces
cool stuff & hot interfaces EVALUATION TOOLS: Victor Basili
Software Engineering Methods and Tools
for Graphical User Interface Evaluation

Victor Basili, Gianluigi Caldiera, Rohit Mahajan, Zhijun Zhang
The Questionnaire for User Interaction
Satisfaction on the World Wide Web

Ben Harper, Laura Slaughter

Video-on-demand for learning communities
Wei Ding, Gary Marchionini
Cognitive issues in the switched-on classroom
Kent Norman
cool stuff & hot interfaces






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