HCIL Open House Materials

Dear Colleagues and friends of HCIL,

Our 13th Annual Symposium and Open House was on June 7, 1996. For those who couldn't attend we want to offer a few alternatives to learn more about our work. You may order the materials package that attendees received which includes 1996 Video Report, 13 new technical reports, and the Center for Automation Research's Annual Report.

If you prefer our Technical Reports are available on-line at our website:


Also enclosed is a notice for the User Interface Strategies '96 video conference which is organized by the UM Instructional TV program.


cool stuff & hot 
interfaces __ Full Symposium package
(video, tech reports, and Annual Report) $ 65

__ 1996 Video Report $ 35 __ 13 Technical Reports $ 35

__ Annual Report - Free

Send check or money order made payable to
University of Maryland /HCIL
Janet Sumida, HCIL, AV Williams Building
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-3255



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1996 Video Reports

Technical reports

  • User needs assessment for the Library of Congress National Digital Library

  • Visual & textual consistency checking tools for graphical user interfaces

  • Life cycle of user interface techniques: The DJJ information system design process

  • Information and process integration from user requirements elicitation: A case study of a social services agency

  • Designing information-abundant websites

  • Exploring LifeLines to visualize patient records

  • Survival of the fittest: The evolution of multimedia user interfaces

  • User controlled overviews of an image library: A case study of the Visible Human

  • Windows of opportunity in electronic classrooms

  • Social impact statements: Engaging public participation in information technology design

  • Query previews in networked information systems

  • Life Lines: Visualizing personal histories

  • Elastic windows: Improved spatial layout and rapid multiple window operations

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