16th Annual Symposium & Open House
Friday June 18, 1999


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IBM Teaching/Learning Theater, Van Munching Hall - Room 2203
  HyperCourseware and Interfaces for Education on the World-Wide Web

Computer Science/UMIACS, AV Williams Bldg - Room 3174/3180
   Vizkit: A Java Toolkit for Building Zoomable User Interfaces
    KidPad: Collaborative Drawing Tool for Kids
    PETS:  A Robots for Story telling
    Dynamic Queries and Spotfire - Information Visualization
    Exploring Earth Science Data Using Query Previews
    GLCF: Global Land Cover Facility - NASA Earth Science Information
    E-business: Simultaneous Menus and Web Log Analysis
    LifeLines for Personal Record Visualization
    Simulation Environments for Engineering Education
    Transportation Systems Interfaces
    Web Biographies - David Seymour, Photographer
    Tightly-coupled Windows: Snap-together Visualization
    Visual Tools for Retrieving and Browsing Video Clips (LAMP Lab)
    Creating Interactive Maps for the Web

Psychology, Zoology-Psychology Bldg - Room 3111
   Beyond Supervisory Control:  Monitoring and Problem Solving in "Lights Out" Satellite Operations
   The Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS) on the World Wide Web (WWW)
   CyberChron: A Virtual Time Capsule for the Psycho-Social Impact of Computers in the 21st Century

College of Library and Information Services, Hornbake Library - Room 4121
   Teaching with Digital Video in the Classroom (BLC)
   Searching Historical Audio Collections
   Digital Library of Historical Newspapers

Space Sciences Lab, Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility - Room 2100C
  Human Control Station Design for Space Robotics

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