Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs)

Thursday June 17th, 1999

a Workshop preceeding the
16th Annual HCIL Symposium & Open House

Organized by Ben Bederson


    ZUIs are an alternative to traditional windows-based approaches of information visualization. We'll discuss ZUIs and their trade-offs, show examples, and describe the Java software we built (that you can use) to build zoomable applications. This workshop will end with group design sessions.

It is recommended that before this workshop, you look at the Pad++ web site to get some background on our earlier work. In addition, a new tech report describes the technical details of our new Java-based rewrite of Pad++. If you are interested in Java development, then we recommend that you read this paper before the workshop.

The workshop will consist of the following components - weighted as seems appropriate depending on the participant's interest.

  • History of ZUIs - what we and others have done, with demos.
  • Design issues - where do ZUIs play a role? What are their trade-offs? How do they compare to fisheye, overview+detail, and other approaches to visualizing information.
  • Description of Jazz, and where we are going with it.
  • Group design sessions where we will brainstorm applications of zooming interfaces to participant's problems.
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