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24th Annual Human-Computer Interaction Lab Symposium

Schedule - May 31, 2007

Frank Auditorium, Van Munching Hall
Registration begins at 8:15am in the Lobby.

8:15am Sign-In and Coffee/Tea
9:00am WELCOME

Ken Gertz, Associate Vice President for Research Development, University of Maryland
Jenny Preece, Dean, College of Information Studies
Allison Druin, Director of HCIL (Slides PDF 550KB)

Keynote: Where HCI and Venture Creation Meet
Asher Epstein, Managing Director, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, Robert H. Smith School of Business
(Slides PDF 1 MB) (Slides PPT 3 MB)

SESSION I - Interacting
Session Chair: Evan Golub, Computer Science Dept, HCIL Associate Director of Expansion

CubeExplorer: An Evaluation of Interaction Techniques in Architectural Education
Hyunyoung Song, François Guimbretière, Michael A. Ambrose, Carl Lostritto (Slides PDF 1.5 MB)

Exploring the Potential of Dual-Display E-Book Readers
Nicholas Chen, Francois Guimbretiere, Maneesh Agrawala, Cassandra Lewis (Slides PDF 1.8 MB)

PaperCP: Explore the Integration of Physical and Digital Media for Active Learning
Chunyuan Liao, François Guimbretière, Richard Anderson, Natalie Linne, Craig Prince, Valentin Razmov
(Slides PDF 1 MB)

Break 20 mins

SESSION II - Understanding
Session Chair: Jenny Preece, Dean, College of Information Studies

Mobile Collaboration for Young Children
Jerry Fails, Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, Evan Golub, Gene Chipman, Shaili Desai, Bobby Owolabi (Slides PDF 4.5 MB)

Promoting Older Adult-Computer Interaction: Age-Appropriate Design and Training
Bo Xie (Slides PDF 550 KB)

Information Technology & Human Values: The Social and Ethical Implications of Frog Dissection Simulations
Ken Fleischmann (Slides PDF 300 KB)

International Impact of the International Children's Digital Library
Ben Bederson, Allison Druin, Anne Weeks, Sheri Massey, Anne Rose, Mary Ramos, Tracy Masterson, Alex Quinn, Sabrina Liao, Takeshi Arisaka, Tim Browne (Slides PDF 200 KB)

Lunch 12:10pm - 1:10pm

Session Chair: Matt Kirschenbaum, Dept of English and Associate Director, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)

Exploring and Visualizing Patterns in Literary Text Collections with FeatureLens
Anthony Don, Catherine Plaisant, Tanya Clement with Elena Zheleva, Machon Gregory, Sureyya Tarkan, Celeste Paul, Matt Kirschenbaum, Ben Shneiderman (Slides PDF 4.5 MB)

The Digital Docket: Interfaces to Support the Scholarly Exploration of Text Collections
Jimmy Lin, Georg Apitz, Ben Shneiderman

Systematic Yet Flexible Discovery of Social Networks
Adam Perer, Ben Shneiderman (Slides PDF 3.5 MB)

Break 10 mins

SESSION IV - Finding
Session Chair: Kent Norman, Dept of Psychology

Task-based Interaction with an Integrated Multilingual, Multimedia Information System:A Formative Evaluation
Judith Klavans, Pengyi Zhang, Douglas Oard (Slides PDF 1 MB)

Finding Patterns of Events in Electronic Health Records Databases
Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant, Patricia Abbott, Stanley Lam (Slides PDF 665 KB)

Finding Knowledge Structure: A Sensemaking Oriented Search Mechanism
Yan Qu (Slides PDF 1.2 MB)

Demos 3:00pm - 4:30pm



Posters and Demonstrations
All interfaces introduced during the symposium will be demonstrated, along with several others including:

Improving Readability of Scanned Books
Alex Quinn, Chang Hu, Anne Rose, Takeshi Arisaka, Ben Bederson

Understanding One-Handed Use of Mobile Devices
Amy Karlson, Ben Bederson (Video 25MB)

LepTree: Integrating visualizations, Semantics, and Content management for Biodiversity Science  
Giho Kim, Phuong Nguyen, Cynthia Sims Parr

Computational Linguistics for Metadata Building: Enhancing image access through linguistic techniques
Judith Klavans, Jimmy Lin, Rebecca Passonneau, Eileen Abels, Carolyn Sheffield, Tandeep Sidhu  

Tag Clouds: Impression Formation and Impression Management
Walky Rivadeneira

Detecting Search Strategies for Navigating Menus
Susan Campbell

Research at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
Matt Kirschenbaum, Neil Fraistat, Doug Reside, Catherine Plaisant, Greg Lord

Wide-Area, Four-Dimensional, Real-time, Interactive Transportation Systems Visualization
Sujal Bista, Michael Pack, and Phillip Weisberg, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, (CATT)

Real-time and Historic Incident Visualization Using Timelines
Jason Ellison, Michael Pack, Michael VanDaniker, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, (CATT)

A Pilot Study of Supporting Children's Online Identity Representation in ICDL Communities
Weimin Hou, Anita Komlodi, Jenny Preece, Allison Druin, Evan Golub, Sabrina Liao, Aaron Elkiss  

BasketLens: Document Collection Visualization and Exploration 
Darya Filippova, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman


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