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25th Annual Human-Computer Interaction Lab Symposium

Symposium Abstracts (22MB)

Schedule - May 27, 2010

Frank Auditorium, Van Munching Hall, Room 1524 Registration begins at 8:15am in the Lobby.

  Symposium Program
8:15 am Sign-In - Coffee, Tea & Breakfast
9:00 am

(slides 10MB)
Jenny Preece,
Dean, iSchool, University of Maryland
Allison Druin, Director, HCIL
Jennifer Golbeck, Co-Director, HCIL

9:20 am

Keynote: The promise of Zoomable User Interfaces
(slides 21MB) (abstract 24KB)
Ben Bederson

9:50 am

Session Chair: Jenny Preece


Self-Promotion in 140 Characters: The Use of Twitter by Congress
(slides 2MB) (abstract 76KB)
Jennifer Golbeck, Justin Grimes, Anthony Rogers

Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL
(slides 9MB) (abstract 158KB)
Derek Hansen, Cody Dunne, Ben Shneiderman

ManyNets: An Interface for Multiple Network Analysis and Visualization
(slides 4MB) (abstract 155KB)
Manuel Freire, Awalin Nabila, Miguel Rios, Jennifer Golbeck, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman

10:40 am Break 20 mins
11:00 am SESSION I - Continued

New Design Methods with Children: Layered Elaboration
(slides 22MB) (abstract 60KB)
Greg Walsh, Mona Leigh Guha, Beth Bonsignore, Beth Foss, Evan Golub, Leshell Hatley  

Designing Social Musical Technologies at Carnegie Hall
(slides 11MB) (abstract 6MB)
Quincy Brown, Greg Walsh, Allison Druin, Ben Bederson, Jennifer Golbeck  

11:35 am

Session chair: Catherine Plaisant


Human-Computer Collaborative Translation
(slides 7MB) (abstract 863KB)
Chang Hu, Ben Bederson, Philip Resnick  

Finding Entries in an On-line Arabic Dictionary
(slides 3MB) (abstract 198KB)
Sarah Wayland, C. Anton Rytting, David Zajic, Timothy Buckwalter, Jason White, Corey Miller, Jeffrey Carnes, Nathanael Lynn, Paul Rodrigues, Michael Maxwell, Evelyn Browne

12:10 pm Lunch
1:10 pm SESSION II - Continued

iOpener Workbench: Tools for Rapid Understanding of Scientific Literature
(slides 2MB) (abstract 164KB)
Cody Dunne, Ben Shneiderman, Bonnie Dorr, Judith Klavans

CrowdFlow: A Human-Computer Hybrid Cloud Computing Model
(slides 2MB) (abstract 418KB)
Alex Quinn, Jimmy Lin, Ben Bederson, Tom Yeh


Session chair: Michael Pack


How Children Search Online at Home
(slides 3MB) (abstract 59KB)
Allison Druin, Beth Foss, Evan Golub, Leshell Hatley  

Finding Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Records
(slides 6MB) (abstract 201KB)
Krist Wongsuphasawat, David Wang, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman

Analyzing Trends in Science & Technology Innovation
(slides 5MB) (abstract 82KB)
Ben Shneiderman, Ping Wang, Yan Qu, Cody Dunne

2:45-4:00 pm

Location: HCIL,
2117 Hornbake Bldg

Many interfaces introduced during the symposium will be demonstrated, along with several others including:


StoryKit: Designing a Mobile Application for Story Creation By Children And Older Adults
Alex Quinn, Beth Bonsignore, Ben Bederson, Allison Druin

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)
Anne Rose

Sikuli: Using GUI Screenshot for Search and Automation
Tom Yeh

Educational Simulation for Computing and Information Ethics
Ken Fleischmann, Russ Robbins, and Al Wallace 

Perpetual Connectivity, Selective Participation - on the Mobile-Social Practices of Students and Faculty 
Dana Rotman

Evaluating Visual Analytics Systems with Contests
Swetha Reddy, Catherine Plaisant

Guidelines for a Costume Designers Workbench
Rachael Bradley

The Regional Integrated Transportation Information System
Michael VanDaniker

Exploring and Visualizing Crashes
Darya Filippova

Dependency Graphing of Incident Datasets
Jon Gilmour

Virtual Incident Management Training through MMOGs
Walter Lucman, Mic Couture

4D, Wide-Area Temporal and Spatial Data Visualization
Drew Lund

Toque: Designing a Cooking-Based Programming Language For and With Children
Sureyya Tarkan, Allison Druin, Evan Golub, and Vibha Sazawal 

New Interaction Styles and Paradigms in Educational Environments
Ana I. Molina, Francisco Jurado and Manuel Ortega

Lifelines2: Search, Group, and Comparison of Personal Records
David Wang, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman 

Immersive People, Immersive Games, and Instruments to Measure Them 
Kent Norman

Item analysis of usability tasks
Susan Campbell 

Comparing Small Graphs
Benjamin Smith 

Investigating the Impact of Design Processes on Children
Mona Leigh Guha, Allison Druin, Jerry Alan Fails  

A Dual-Display Reading Device in the Literature Classroom
Nick Chen 

Usability Testing of Web-based Multimedia Health Tutorials by Older Adults
Bo Xie 

Collaborative Identification and Annotation of Government Deep Web Resources
Pengyi Zhang, Yan Qu, Chen Huang, Paul T. Jaeger, John Wells, W. Scott Hayes, James E. Hayes, and Xin Jin  


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