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30th Annual Human-Computer Interaction Lab Symposium
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Day 1 - Wednesday May 22
  8:15am Registration & Breakfast
  9am Plenary Talks
  12pm Lunch
  1pm Afternoon Talks Tutorials & Workshops
8:15am Registration & Breakfast (CSIC)
9am Plenary Talks (CSIC)
Welcome/Introduction (Jennifer Golbeck) Slides
30 years of making Human-Computer Interaction history: Lead researchers summarize the past and chart the future
Visualization: Turning Complex Big Data into Meaningful Small Data (Ben Shneiderman) Slides Video
The Power of Simplicity (Ben Bederson) Slides
Designing with and for Children (Allison Druin) Slides
Social Media (Jen Golbeck) Slides
Touchscreen Accessibility: Supporting Individual Motor Abilities (Leah Findlater) Slides
Persuasive Technology and Gamification to Promote Proenvironmental Behavior (Jon Froehlich) Slides
Crisp Answers to Fuzzy Questions: Design lessons for crowdsourcing decision inputs (Alex Quinn) Slides
12pm Lunch (CSIC)
1-5pm Afternoon Talks (CSIC)
Combining Crowdsourcing and Google Street View to Identify Street-level Accessibility Problems (Kotaro Hara, Jon Froehlich) Slides
Challenges and Potential of End-User Gesture Customization (Uran Oh, Leah Findlater) Slides
Effects of Scientist's Feedback and Peer Teamwork on Novice Citizen Scientists' Motivation and Contribution (Yurong He, Jennifer Preece) Slides
Of Natures and Gamers: Lessons from Designing a Mobile App for Citizen Science (Ann Bowser, Derek Hansen, M. Reid, J. Raphael, R. Gamet, Yurong He, Dana Rotman, Jennifer Preece) Slides
Enhancing Cyberinfrustructure with Cognitive Principles (Tim Clausner)
Techniques on Temporal Event Sequence Simplification (Rongjian Lan, Megan Monroe, Hanseung Lee, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman) Slides
Basketball Play-By-Play Analysis Using EventFlow (Megan Monroe, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman) Slides
Expanding and Evaluating Network Motif Simplification (Cody Dunne, Ben Shneiderman) Slides Video Audio
Visualizing changes over time in datasets using dynamic hierarchies (John Alexis Guerra Gomez, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman) Slides
Designing Decision Aids to Help Patients Choose Treatment Options (Lyndsey Franklin, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman) Slides
User Interface Techniques to Reduce Wrong Patient Selection Error (Awalin Sopan, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman) Slides
Twinlist for Medication Reconciliation: Evaluation with clinicians (Catherine Plaisant) Slides
1-5pm Tutorials and Workshops (CSIC)
T1: Designing Technology with and for Children *CANCELLED*
W1: Moving from Big Data to (Learning) Analytics: Understand data analysis of large-scale online learning communities (Brian Butler, June Ahn) *FULL*
W2: Human-Game Interaction: HCI and video games (Greg Walsh, Kent Norman)

Day 2 - Thursday May 23
  8:15am Registration & Breakfast
  9am Demos & Posters
  10:30am Morning Talks   Tutorials & Workshops  
  12pm Lunch
  1pm Afternoon Talks
8:15am Registration & Breakfast (CSIC)
9am Demos & Posters (CSIC)
Morning Talks (CSIC)
Video Game Controllers: Negative and positive transfer across games and genres (Kent Norman) Slides
When Face-to-Face Fails: Opportunities for social media to foster collaborative learning (Tamara Clegg) Slides
Clinky the Robot: Preliminary Programming for Preschoolers (Panagis Papadatos, Tamara Clegg, Mona Leigh Guha) Slides
Using Mobile Touchscreen Devices as Peepholes to Support Children's Second Language Learning (Brenna McNally, Leah Findlater, Mona Leigh Guha)
Designing Alternate Reality Games for Learning (Beth Bonsignore) Slides
Tutorials and Workshops (CSIC)
T2: Introduction to Usability Testing (Bill Killam)
T3: How Cognitive Science Enhances HCI (Tim Clausner)
W3: Exploring Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Records (Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant) *FULL*
W4: Citizen Science: Where practice meets research (Jenny Preece, David Jacobs, Jen Hammock)
12pm Lunch (CSIC)
1-5pm Afternoon Talks (CSIC)
The Roles and Challenges of Technology in Supporting Learners’ Ownership in Science Learning (Jason Yip) Slides
FACIT PD: A Framework for Analysis and Creation of Intergenerational Techniques for Participatory Design (Jason Yip, Beth Foss)
Cooperative Inquiry with Designers and Learners (Jason Yip, Tamara Clegg) Slides
Cooperative Inquiry Extended: Creating Technology with Students with Learning Differences (Mona Leigh Guha, Beth Foss, Lyndsey , Panagis Papadatos)
Enhancing the Web With End-User Programming (Tak Yeon Lee, Ben Bederson) Slides
Designing Tangible Computing for Creativity (Tim Clausner, Mary Lou Maher, Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, Berto Gonzales, Kaz Grace)
A Tangible Interactive Shirt for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology to Children (Leyla Norooz, Jon Froehlich) Slides
Sharing Intimacy through Huggable Bears (Zahra Ashktorab, Allan Fong, Jon Froehlich) Slides Video
Recruiting and Retaining Young Participants: Strategies from Five Years of Field Research (Beth Foss)

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