Mario Schkolnick, Silicon Graphics
"Visual Data Mining"
September 22, Friday 10:30am, A.V. Williams Building 3258

In the last few years, Data Mining has gained popularity as a powerful tool for improving strategic decision making. Data Mining is a complex set of tasks that produce actionable results. The most critical aspect of the data mining process is that of understanding the data we are dealing with. Data visualization and model visualization, when used in conjunction with analytic data mining algorithms can significantly enhance the data mining process. The talk will examine the role that visualization plays in this process. The presentation will use MineSet, a visual data mining platform we have developed at SGI.

Mario Schkolnick is a Director of Engineering at SGI. He leads the team that has developed MineSet. Before joining SGI, he was as at IBM Research and was also on the faculty at CMU. He is currently the General Chairman for the KDD 2001 conference. Mario holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Dr. Schkolnick is eager to talk to potential new hires (PhD & MS levels). Those interested should meet with him after the talk, and he will take a selected number out to lunch

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