Visualizing Personal Histories: a Workshop

July 21-22, 1997, Monday-Tuesday

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
University of Maryland at College Park

Room 2120 - A.V. Williams building


Opening Speech: Information Visualization: The Next Frontier
Nahum Gershon, MITRE

An Empirical Study Comparing LifeLines with Tabular Format
Anne Rose, University of Maryland
    Related site: Juvenile Justice project

Using LifeLines for Medical Records: Data Structure Support
Catherine Plaisant, University of Maryland
    Related site: HCIL Medical record project

Providing a usable summary for health care records:
Lessons from inpatient and outpatient settings
John Karat, IBM Research

Summarizing Medical Records
Seth Powsner, Yale University

Task-oriented visual design: automated visual presentation design for patient medical records
Michelle Zhou, Columbia University

Priestley's Lives to Lifes Lines: With Tom's veggies as an example
Howard Wainer, Educational Testing Service

Characterizing the content and the presentation of timelines
Vijay Kumar Texas A& M University

PadWebMap: A Zooming WWW History Map
Ben Bederson, University of New Mexico
    Related site: Pad++

The Worker Profile: Visualizing the Worker Profile at the Quebec
Worker Compensation Board
Daniel Lafreniere, GESPRO Group, Quebec

Visualizing Student Histories in HyperCourseware
Kent L. Norman, University of Maryland
    Related site: HyperCourseware

Overview and clustering of text-based personal narratives
Sharon Laskowski, National Institute for Standards and Technology
    Related site: Visualization and Virtual Reality Group at NIST

We Make Memories: A revealing personal biography
Abbe Don (In video)
    Related site: abbe don interactive, inc

Presenting Historical Biographies: The Web-Bio of David Seymour
Whitney Quesenbery, Cognetics Corp
Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
    Related site: Cognetics Corp. and CHIM: the Photographies of David Seymour

Additional Attendees:

Luc Beaudoin, CRIM
Henry Emurian, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Steve "Fleck" Fleckenstein, Morino Institute
Laura Goldhar, (visiting from Blair high school) University of Maryland at College Park
Daniel Heller, University of Maryland at College Park
Jia Li, University of Maryland at College Park
John F. Mareda, Triconix Research
Rich Mushlin, IBM Research
    < mushlin@watson.ibm.com>
Fran Witzel, Morino Institute


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