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HCIL Conference Travel Award (CTA)


This CTA is a way of helping HCIL graduate students attend more conferences, learn more, and show HCIL's presence. Making UMCP & HCIL more visible and its students more prominent helps build recognition for HCIL's 30-year history of outstanding faculty/staff, excellent students and influential breakthroughs.

Application Procedure

The CTA is available for all students who are members of the HCIL. This includes students working with an HCIL faculty member on an HCI-related project or students who are part of the lab and volunteer at lab events, including the annual Symposium and Open House.

A call for applications will go out to the HCIL mailing list. Students will submit an application with a budget, and their advisor will submit a letter of support.

A 3-person committee consisting of the HCIL Director, plus two people chosen from HCIL members, will review the applications and make funding decisions based on merit. Deadlines will be announced via the HCIL mailing list. Students are encouraged to apply for CS Dept, iSchool, or UMCP grants to supplement the CTA.


The CTA was established by Ben Shneiderman on the occasion of his 65th birthday in 2012, when he contributed $6500 to HCIL to launch the CTA. His former Masters and PHD students plus colleagues quickly responded as founding contributors: Ben Bederson/Allison Druin, Rodrigo Botafogo, Irina Ceaparu, Tamara Clegg, Robert Gove, Harry Hochheiser, Juan-Pablo Hourcade, Eser Kandogan, Bill Kules, Jack Kustanowitz, Catherine Plaisant, Jennifer Preece, Jinwook Seo, Degi Young, Haixia Zhao.


  • 2013: Kotaro Hara, Uran Oh, and Beth Bonsignore
  • 2014: Matthew Mauriello, Brenna McNally, and Karen Rust
  • 2015: Cody Buntain, Daniel Adams Pauw, and Kristin Williams


Those wishing to make contributions should write a check to the "UMCP Foundation" stipulating that the funds are for the HCIL Conference Travel Award. The contributions are tax-deductible under US tax law. If you work for a company that matches your charitable contributions, please request that they do so. Checks should be mailed to:

Yerty Valenzuela
UMIACS/ A. V. Williams Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742 USA

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