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Ben Shneiderman's Email Archive
1983 - 1998

DataSet Description

This archive contains 44,000+ emails written by or sent to Ben Shneiderman during 1983-1998. Low interest emails were deleted and valued emails were manually filed in 4100+ folders that represent individuals and about 150 corporate names. They are Unix text-only files in standard formats. This archive may be useful to researchers interested in the early days of email use, the development of computer science and HCI, and the professional career of Ben Shneiderman. Some personal folders were removed (21), but many emails relating to personal topics remain.

Submitting for access

Ben Shneiderman is eager to have researchers use these files for positive purposes. Permission to use is granted on an individual basis for specific purposes, so these files may NOT be transferred to others or posted without permission of Ben Shneiderman. Upon completion of the research project, all copies of the archive should be deleted and destroyed. If you would like to access the archive, please send an email to Dr. Shneiderman at and include your name, affiliation, contact information, desired research and use of the dataset.

    By requesting access for this archive the individual or entity involved agrees to the Terms of use found here