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Terms of Service for Ben Shneiderman's Email Archive

Use of the dataset

Ben Shneiderman is eager to have researchers use these files for positive purposes. Permission to use is granted on an individual basis for specific purposes, so these files may NOT be transferred to others or posted without permission of Ben Shneiderman. Upon completion of the research project, all copies of the archive should be deleted and destroyed.

Privacy and Copyright

Acknowledgement of the Terms and Conditions include the following:

1) Ben Shneiderman is concerned that his personal and professional life should be presented in a favorable or at least honest way. Any use of these emails requires permission from Ben Shneiderman

2) The email notes sent to Ben Shneiderman are the property of the authors, so their placement on the web or any form of publication would require permission of the authors. Do not contact the authors of the individual emails but rather Ben Shneiderman directly.

3) Email notes may contain personal addresses, phone numbers, student grades, professional reference letters, or other personal information that should not be disclosed without permission.

4) UMD reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this dataset at any time.