Human-Computer Interaction in Biodiversity Informatics

Human-Computer Interaction LabUniversity of Maryland, College Park 2 June 2005 

About Workshop

How can we design better ways of visualizing and interacting with biodiversity information? As networked, data intensive, highly integrative projects move from promise to reality (e.g. NCEAS, NESCENT, NEON, NBII, GBIF) the need for effective software is critical. This workshop, covering evolutionary, ecological, and environmental approaches to biological diversity, will include presentations by researchers actively working in this area. It will be followed by a panel discussion and an informal demonstration session.

This workshop is held in association with HCIL's 22nd Annual Symposium and Open House. It is sponsored by NBII and NSF and hosted by the Biodiversity Informatics Visualization project.


Cynthia Parr, University of Maryland


9:00 Cynthia Parr Introductions
9:20 David Farr
On-line Keys: More than Just Paper on the Web
9:40 David Jacobs
Using Computer Vision to Help Biologists Recognize Organisms
10:00 Cynthia Parr
EcoLens and TreePlus: Tools for Exploring ecological Interaction Data
10:20 François Guimbretière
Visualizations for Comparing Large Phylogenetic Trees
11:00 Rebecca Shapley
CIPRes, UC Berkeley
Teaching with a Visual Tree of Life Website
11:20 Ben White
Global Land Cover Facility UMd
Remote Sensing and Conservation
11:40 Paul Allen
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Delivering Citizen Science Data to Citizens
12:00 Bonnie Nardi
NEON, UC Irvine
Social Technology for Ecology

1:30 Panel discussion

  Mark Schildhauer
  Mike Frame
National Biological Information Infrastructure program overview
  Mark Wimer
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, USGS
Wildlife Monitoring Surveys in Biodiversity Informatics

3:00 Demonstrations

Chris Hamilton, Museum of Zoology, U of Michigan
Animal Diversity Web/BioKIDS

Kathryn Madsen, Scientific Database Lab, Evergreen State U.
Canopy Database Project

Michael Tuite, U of Virginia
Visualization of paleoecology data

Lisa Zolly, NBII, USGS
David Jacobs, UMIACS, UMd
Mark Schildhauer, NCEAS
Paul Allen, Cornell
Rebecca Shapley, Berkeley

Other confirmed participants

Margaret E. Beecher, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Katherine Chiang, Communications, Cornell University
Alvaro Espinel, InterAmerican Biodiversity Information Network, OAS
Timothy Goddard, Anthropology, UMd
Fatimah Jackson, Anthropology, UMd
Bongshin Lee, HCIL, UMd
Maile Neel, Natural Resources and Entomology, UMd
Beth Olsen, Ecology, UMd
Andriy Parafiynyk, Computer Science, UMBC
Dan Phillips, USGS
Leslie Ries, Ecology, UMd
Donna Roy, USGS

General schedule

  8:30 am   Register in the lobby of A.V. Williams. 
  9:00 am   Morning session begins, room 3118 in the nearby Surge building.
12:30 pm   Buffet lunch in 2460 A.V. Williams with other workshops
  1:30 pm   Panel discussion, 3118 Surge
  3:00 pm   Informal demonstrations, 3118 Surge
  5:00 pm   End of workshop



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