Visualization for Electronic Health Records: Promoting Patient-Centered Cognitive Support for Physician Decision-Making

July 6th, 2010, Tuesday, 10:00am-3:00pm, University of Maryland, College Park, Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Second floor conference room, Hornbake Library South Wing (room 2116)

Contacts: Ben Shneiderman  (ben@cs.umd.edu) and Catherine Plaisant (plaisant@cs.umd.edu


Workshop Schedule and participant list

Below is the tentative workshop schedule.  It is updated as we finalize more information. 

10:00 am Welcome and Introductions
10:20 am

Review of Lifelines2, Similan, LifeFlow, and Current Directions [part1, part2, part3]

Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant, Taowei David Wang, John Guerra, HCIL, University of Maryland

11:00 am Using Cognitive System Engineering for Design of GUI for Chronic Disease Management: A New Paradigm for EHR? [slides]

Jonathan Nebeke, Veteran's Health Administration and University of Utah
11:40 am Azyxxi Physician Interface [No slides due to patient privacy issues.]

Kevin Maloy, Washington Hospital Center
12:20 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Interface Design Opportunities in Modern Clinical Computing [No slides submitted yet.]

Mike Gillam, Microsoft/Amalga
1:40 pm Joint Efforts on EHR Usability Guidelines/Standards [No slides. Discussion Only.]

Matt Quinn, AHRQ
Lana Lowry, NIST
2:20 pm Framing Effective Patient-Oriented Information Visualization for Patient-Physician Communication [slides]

Yair Rajwan, Johns-Hopkins University
2:40 pm Closing Discussion


 Potential Attendees

Washington Hospital Center
     Mark S. Smith 
     Kevin Maloy 
     Greg Marchand 
     Matt Quinn 
     Sharon Laskowski
     Svetlana Lowry
     Bettijoyce Lide
Veteran's Administration
     Jonathan R. Nebeker
Microsoft Amalga
     Michael Gillam
     Dave Vronay
     Jon Handler
Johns Hopkins University
     Yair Rajwan
     George Kim
University of Maryland
     Catherine Plaisant
     Taowei David Wang
     John Alexis Guerra Gmez
     Angela Noh  
     Ben Shneiderman


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