My  name  is  Cassandra.  In  my  family  there are four people mom, dad,  me,  and  my  brother.  We live in a  condo.  My favorite thing is drawing.  My favorite book is Harry Potter.  My favorite subject in school is gym.  I like to go out to dinner and go bowling with my family.  With my friends, I like to play games like dropping from the diamond shaped bar on the playground and making things in the sand at the playground.  During the summer I like to visit my relatives.  During the winter I like to make snowmen.  In the fall I like to jump in the leaves.  In the spring I like to pick flowers.  On the weekends I visit relatives.  I like to have sleepovers with my friends.  I used to like working on everything in the lab, but now my favorite thing is the robot. 

Cassandra's Drawing

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