Kids Design the Future  




Children as Design Partners: An Introduction

Making technology for kids without working directly with them,
"is like making clothes for someone you donít know the size of."

Thomas, age 11


At the Human Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland we believe that children should have a voice in making new technology for kids. Children's ideas need to be heard throughout the entire technology design process. Therefore, in 1998 we began a unique technology design team.  Seven children, ages seven to eleven, join with researchers from computer science, education, art, robotics, and other disciplines, twice a week. Together we have become an intergenerational, interdisciplinary design team.  The team pursues projects, writes papers and creates new technologies.

We have a chance to change technology, but more importantly we have a chance to change the life of a child. Every time a new technology enables a child to do something they never dreamed of, there are new possibilities for the future.


 Kids with Low-Tech Prototype

Children are looking at a low tech prototype of a "classroom of the future".


Sketch               Drawing

On the left is a sketch of a digital library and on the right children are taking notes.


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