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SearchKids: This zoomable digital library of information about animals includes text, images, audio, and video resources.  SearchKids enables children to browse and make visual queries to find information.  We have begun to generalize the SearchKids interface.

Story Rooms

StoryRooms:  Children can make their own room-sized interactive environments by using the wireless-physical-programming devices in this kit.

Classroom of the Future

Classroom of the Future: This five  year research project focuses on what the early childhood classroom of the future may be like.  We are partnering with public and private preschools to to create new technologies.  The impact of these technologies on teaching and learning will be studied.


KidPad: A collaborative storytelling tool  that enables children to create zoomable interactive stories and pictures.


InterLiving: We are partnering with families and researchers in Sweden, France and the United States to create technologies that support family communication, collaboration and creativity.


P.E.T.S.: The Personal Electronic Teller of Stories is a robot that acts out stories that children create.  Children build  P.E.T.S. by piecing together different animal parts.  They can also program new emotions into the robot by using the My PETS software.  P.E.T.S. is being adapted by Anthrotronics (a University of Maryland startup company) to encourage physical activity in children with physical disabilities.

Animal Blocks

Animal Blocks: This software enables children to create animals by changing or rearranging physical blocks.  Animal Blocks software works with Neurosmith's MusicBlocks hardware. Animal Blocks can be downloaded from the internet onto Neurosmith's cyber cartridge.

*Animal Blocks    *KidPad    *PETS    *SearchKids    *StoryRooms    *Classroom of the Future    *Interliving

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