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The following digitized videos are available on our projects.  Thanks to the Open Video Project for digitizing many of them and making them available for download.  VHS versions (PAL or NTSC) of many of these videos are also available for purchase as part of our HCIL Video Reports.

New!!! The Making of the ICDL - International Children's Digital Library [00:05:26]
created 11-16-2002

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A Project of Partnership: The International Children's Digital Library [19.6MB, 00:01:55]

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Designing the Classroom of the Future [00:06:50]

We describe the first year of our 5-year research project to create the Kindergarten Classroom of the Future in collaboration with the Center for Young Children on the campus of the University of Maryland and Yorktown Elementary School in Bowie, MD. We present a "computer garden" for teachers and students to use new collaborative technologies. We show how our technology design team at work and summarize lessons learned. 

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Designing PETS: A Personal Electronic Teller of Stories [00:07:48]

In today's homes and schools, children are emerging as frequent and experienced users of technology. As this trend continues, it becomes increasingly important to ask if we are fulfilling the technology needs of our children. To answer this question, we have developed a research approach that enables young children to have a voice throughout the technology development process. This video describes our research approach with a team of six children (ages 7-11 years old) and six adult researchers with experience in computer science, education, art, and robotics. In this video, we show our team at work to develop PETS: A Personal Electronic Teller of Stories. This is a new robotic pet that can support children in the storytelling process.

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From MusicBlocks to AnimalBlocks: A Case Study in Design [00:05:20]

MusicBlocks is an award-winning toy, which enables children ages 2 and older to explore music by using electronic blocks. In the summer of 2000 our intergenerational design team of adults and children began a partnership with Neurosmith, the creators of MusicBlocks. Together we designed AnimalBlocks, a new version of MusicBlocks. This video demonstrates MusicBlocks and the design process we used to create AnimalBlocks.

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Jesterbot: A Storytelling Robot for Pediatric Rehabilitation [00:04:20]

Working with children as design partners we developed Jesterbot, a storytelling robot for use with children in rehabilitation. Children remotely control a soft robot by using a variety of body sensors adapted to their disability or rehabilitation goal. The robot's actions can be recorded along with the child voice to create stories. This project is a joint venture with AnthroTronix, Inc.

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KidPad: A Collaborative Storytelling Environment for Children [00:03:10]

Narratives are ubiquitous. Some argue that the fundamental element in life is the story and storytelling can be viewed as a framework for almost all communication. As such, storytelling can also be used as an approach to learning. Within our recently launched KidStory research project (in a collaboration with the European Union), storytelling is the focus for a set of tools and collaboration principles that we are developing. The technology tools we have come to see as important support co-present collaboration for children. This technique we call Single Display Groupware, where children can work together at the same computer as partners in creating a shared story. Our goal is to develop tools that will enhance children's communication skills, expressive storytelling capabilities, and collaboration experiences.

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SearchKids: A Digital Library for Children [00:06:00]

An interdisciplinary, intergenerational team developed SearchKids, a zoomable digital library that contains multimedia information about animals. Our digital library supports collaboration by enabling several children to navigate the same information on the same computer at the same time. The design process as well as the technology is presented.

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StoryRooms [00:03:41]

StoryRooms are room-sized immersive storytelling experiences for children. With the use of low-tech and high-tech storytelling elements, children can author physical storytelling experiences to share with other children. We describe how a StoryRoom can be created by kids and show an example StoryRoom being used.

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