Mid-april 1997 (Output of MARCH 1997 meeting - Rich Mushlin and Catherine Plaisant.





MISSING: show example of aggregation + example where size or color used for dosage

2- Procedures

2a - Lab

2c - Imaging

2d - Immunizations

2d - Others (e.g. referals)

Figure 1: General
The notes are really the gren ticks, the line could be either show a note covering several visits, or a "period of care" either infered from the fact that the diagnostic was the same for all the notes on the line, or indicated by the phyician entering the note as "followup".

History (the 2 pregnancies) is shown twice here to illustrate that it can be put in front of the notes (may be with a different color since this is not hard data but patient provided information?) or in a specificHistory facet at the bottom.

The event list shows all the mos recent events. The status also on the right of the display.

Figure 2: diabetes

User selected the worsening diabete line and focused on it. Only the event associated with that period of care are now let in the lifeline. 
There should a way to make obvious that the display IS filtered. May be the rest should still be present but grey.

The red tick visible on TODAY for the Insulin has been clicked on highlighting below the details: A refill who has not been requested by the patient yet while overdue.

Figure 3: Pregnancy:
Here zooming on recent events, the pregancy is now prominent, the cursor has highlighted the last vitamin refill, the event list has been fltered to show all lab events.

Example of SIDA/AIDS record (from CERIM Lille/France)

Example of customer record (e.g. for a clothing mail order company)
Excentric Labeling: Dynamic Neighborhood Labeling for Data Visualization
NOTE: the demo is at

Standard datafile Sample and Comments/syntax


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