Welcome to the experiment entitled Comparison of Single-level and Multi-level Browsing Techniques as applied to Lifelines. You will be using the technique shown below which comprises of a single-level browsing technique called Single Window with Zoom and Replace.
Before clicking for zoom 
After clicking for zoom
This technique, common to many Geographical Information Systems presents a global view of the entire image. In this instance, the user clicks on a portion of the screen which is magnified and replaces the original image. Similarly to zoom out, the user right-clicks on the screen and the image is replaced by the original version. (Note: You cannot right-click on a Macintosh so you are better off using an IBM pc)
What am I supposed to do here?

You will be performing a series of tasks on the system shown above. They are nothing serious, just finding answers to a series of questions, and the way to do that is to navigate to different portions of the screen and zooming in (when neccessary) by (left-)mouseclicking them and zooming out by right-mouseclicking. The question would be followed by 2 or more answers. Using the mouse effectively on the screen, or just by plain looking at it, decide on an answer and check the appropriate option (answer). Remember, it is not you, but rather the interface which is being tested.

Things I should know
Getting Started

The first thing is to familiarize yourself with the interface. For that, there are two help items you can make use of :

After you are done with either version, use the "BACK" button in your browser to come back to this page.
On with the Experiment...

Please note: After you start your experiment, please do not use the back button anymore. Never mind while plodding through a series of tasks, you find out that you have made a mistake in one of the previous questions. Please do not go back to correct the answer, your first instinct is the one that is most important to us. If there is such a situation, then the fault does not lie with you, but rather with us, the designers. In order to redeem such flaws, your mistakes are as important to us as your correct responses. There are two things you should know about the experiment:

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