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The Resume section contains Dr. Ben Shneiderman's Resume.  It includes Section I:   personal information, Section II: research, scholarly, and creative activities, SectionIII:  teaching and advising, and Section IV:  Services.

Career Review

The Career Review section contains descriptions and links of Dr. Shneiderman's research projects. It also includes sections such as early work on database systems, programming textbooks, structured flowcharts, early work on human factors, direct manipulation and etc.


Articles section contains articles and publications of Dr. Shneiderman from 1984-1999.   Each article includes its title, source of publication, year of publication and an abstract.


The books section includes most of Dr. Shneiderman's publications.  Each publication contains a image of the cover and a link to an abstract of the book.


Videos section is currently under construction. In the future, it will include videos of Dr. Shneiderman's lectures, seminars, conference,etc.


The lectures are forward chronologically ordered from 1983 to 1999.  It reflects the time, number of attendees, place of lecture and the topic of each lecture.

Preliminary Inventory

The University of Maryland Libraries preliminary inventory is a list of all of the papers of Dr. Shneiderman organized by boxes. These papers include final versions and drafts of articles, conference materials, consulting and grant records, personal correspondence, course materials, and clippings from newspapers and magazines showing how they address user interface issues. The papers range from 1968-1998.


The photos section includes scanned pictures of Dr. Shneiderman from various sources.

In the Press

In the press section is a list of articles in publications which are related to Dr. Shneiderman.  Some of them also provide links to the actual article.


The reflections section currently contains an articles on the 15th anniversary of human-computer interaction laboratory


The about section contains a paper that discusses the issues of archival  webpage design. It also compares several leading archival webpages such as the library of congress.  In addition, it discusses the development of this web site and suggests some future improvements.


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