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Social interaction and collaboration are essential to the emotional and cognitive development of young children. Constructionism is a learning theory where children learn as they build or construct a public artifact. Creative activities that promote collaboration, especially those based on principles of constructionism, provide enhanced learning opportunities for young children. Mobile devices can support the learning experience as children can create artifacts in various contexts. The proposed research incorporates collaboration, constructionism, children, stories and mobile technologies; specifically investigating developmentally appropriate interfaces to support mobile collaboration for young children.


Jerry Alan Fails, PhD candidate in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Dr. Allison Druin, Associate Professor, College of Information Studies,  Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Gene Chipman, PhD in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Mona Leigh Guha, PhD student in Education, Human-Computer Interaction Lab.


  • Interaction Design and Children 2007: Mobile Collaboration for Young Children.



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