David Canfield-Smith is famous for coining the term "icons" in his doctoral thesis at Stanford University.  Dr. Smith was one of the principle designers of Xerox's Star interface, the predecessor of the Macintosh OS and Microsoft Windows.  During his seven years with Xerox, Dr. Smith invented icons, generic commands, the desktop metaphor and dialog boxes for the Star interface.  Dr. Smith is also a supporter of computers for education, having worked with Alan Kay on educational software.  The culmination of his work in computer-aided education is a program called KidSim.  It combines the theories of his earlier thesis work:  programming by demonstration and graphical rewrite rules.  KidSim allows children to build and program the behavior of simulations without knowledge of conventional programming languages.  Another related project is Stagecast Creator, a program much like KidSim but for older audiences. 
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