What is MUIseum?
MUIseum, the online museum of user interfaces, is a place to learn about the various types of user interfaces developed over the last fifty years.  This is also a place to learn about the people who have pioneered some of the most popular user interfaces we use today.  The history of computing is very young but the history of user interfaces is younger still.  We stand upon the brink of a software revolution and it is time to begin writing our history.  While this site is primarily intended for students, it is the hope of MUIseum's designers that it will become a place for academics and non-academics alike.  Enjoy the site and feel free to offer any suggestions or comments here (hyperlink).
What is a "user interface"?
A user interface is a bridge between man and machine.  It is a translator that both the user and the computer can understand.  The extreme differences in the way people think and the way computers operate dictate the need for well-designed user interfaces.  Productivity is often proportional to the quality of the user interface and time is wasted when communication deteriorates.     

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