"There are 20 million sites on the web, and nearly all of them are awful."  Currently there are a lot more than 20 million sites on the web, but Jakob Nielsen was expressing the need for usability during a time when the Internet was very young.  Dr. Nielsen worked at Sun Microsystems where he became the usability chief, designing their official website and SunWeb intranet.  He is currently a Distinguished Engineer for Strategic Technology at SunSoft, the software planet of Sun Microsystems.  His current projects include object-oriented user interfaces, online documentation, and usability engineering methodology.  For over 20 years, Dr. Nielsen has worked with Dr. Donald Norman at the Nielsen Norman Group, where he continues his research and consultation for usability.  Dr. Nielsen also oversees his personal website, useit.com, a portal for usable information technology and one of the most outstanding websites on the Internet.  Nielsen is often referred to as the "smartest person on the web" for his insight into web design and usability.  As the Internet continues to grow, Jakob Nielsen will remain a key figure and proponent of good web design.
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