An engineer, professor, capitalist and entrepreneur, Dr. Ivan Sutherland is a true pioneer of user interface design.  From a very young age Ivan Sutherland took an interest in computers, being one of the first high school students in his time to write a computer program.  He later became an electrical engineer and is now a valuable member of the innovative Sun Microsystems, Inc.  Sutherland has been involved in numerous projects but he is most famous for his doctoral thesis:  "Sketchpad:  A Man-machine Graphical Communications System".  Sutherland used a "lightpen" to create engineering drawings directly on the screen.  Sketchpad had the ability to create perfect lines and corners as well as a function to zoom in and out.  Long before Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh or even the Xerox Star, Sutherland pioneered the first graphical user interface (GUI) before the term was conceived.
Photograph courtesy of Sun Microsystems, Inc.  
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