Workshop 3

Personal Photo Libraries: Innovative Designs

Thursday June 1st, 2000
Organizers: Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant


Users of digital cameras are already generating hundreds of images on their hard drives and the task of finding favorite photos will become serious. We developed a prototype system and would like to discuss alternative designs with others who have worked on image libraries.



We will meet in A.V. Williams, Room 2120

The Workshop will run from 10 am to 4 pm, followed by the HCIL Transition Party (please register for that too) from 4:30 until 7pm.

Lunch will be at 12:30 (probably Chinese food)
In the morning coffee and juice will be available (but we expect that you will have had breakfast)

Handouts will be given to participants (let us know by May 26th if you need anything duplicated)
Computer projection equipment (1024x768 resolution) and an internet connection will be available .

PARKING: If you register by Friday 19th we will mail you a parking sticker for the day. Otherwise bring plenty of quarters.

This workshop will be in room 2120 in the A.V. Williams Building where the main HCIL lab is located. The map of the main symposium event also shows the location of the A.V. Williams building (bottom right next to route 1).
See also the general Campus Visitor Information

We can arrange to pickup a few attendees at the Inn and Conference Center Hotel on the morning of the workshop around 9:00am, but let us know if you need a ride.

If you need to be contacted during the worskop, the HCIL office number is (301) 405-2769 and Cecilia Kullman is (301) 405-0304

plaisant@cs.umd.edu or
Tel: (301) 405-2768

Want to participate? (as observer-only now)

    1) contact plaisant@cs.umd.edu with an email stating your interest and what you would present at the workshop,

    2) when your participation is confirmed, register using the Symposium and Open House Registration form. We hope you will also join us for the main event, the Symposium and Open House June 2nd.

    We will limit the number of participants to about 15. We will give first consideration to participants who are actively involved in research or development in the topic of the workshop.

To know more about Maryland's work on the topic
Visit our current PhotoFinder project page.

Last updated: May 25rd, 2000