Hyperlinks in Pad++


We have seen that, when you move the pointer over text within the Pad++ outliner, the text changes color to red; clicking on the text causes Pad++ to pan and zoom until that text fills the screen horizontally and appears near the top of the screen vertically. The text is acting as a hyperlink to a location on the Pad++ surface.

(Similarly, in the Pad++ HTML browser, some words are shown in blue. They are 'hotwords' - positioning the pointer over the word causes it to change color to red. When you click on the word, the appropriate document is placed on the Pad++ surface.)

In Pad++, this concept is generalised. Any object an be turned into a hyperlink.

For example, suppose I am writing a zoomable narrative, and I want to make the text in the story active, so that users can click on lines of text to progress through the story. Read on to discover how to do this.

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