Zooming User Interfaces (ZUIs) at CHI98


At the CHI 98 conference, there were several uses and presentations of ZUIs.

Of particular interest, Ben Shneiderman gave the opening plenary talk, and used Pad++ for the first half of the presentation (to about 2,500 conference attendees)! We've made the files he used available. It will load into Pad++ Version 0.9 on Unix or WindowsNT. It is available in different compressed formats (.tar.gz for unix and .zip for windows). The files will be extracted into a directory called 'shneiderman-chi98'. Then, just start Pad++ and open the file 'shneiderman-chi98/shneiderman-chi98.pad'

Note: This file will not load into Pad++ running on Windows95. Unfortunately, there is a bug with the Windows95 version and it crashes.
Shneiderman Talk at CHI98

There were also a few papers related to ZUIs. They are:

Web Accessibility