The Craft of Information Visualization:
Readings and Reflections

edited by Benjamin B. Bederson
and Ben Shneiderman
This new HCIL book, published by Morgan Kaufmann, will appear in April, 2003 [buy it]
Information visualization is a rapidly growing field that is emerging from research in human-computer interaction, computer science, graphics, visual design, psychology, and business methods. Information visualization is increasingly applied as a critical component in scientific research, digital libraries, data mining, financial data analysis, market studies, manufacturing production control, and drug discovery.

This book reveals how ideas evolve and spread, based on the experiences and innovations from a leading research lab. It collects for the first time, 38 of the key papers on information visualization from the University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL). Celebrating the lab's 20th anniversary, it presents a coherent body of work from a respected community that has had many success stories with its research and commercial spin-offs. Each chapter contains an introduction that describes the connections among those papers that trace the historical path of their innovations with personal stories of how research progresses.

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Preface and Introduction - see first several pages
All HCIL Technical Reports
Information Visualization Projects
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HCIL Software
HCIL Papers Included in this Book
1. Database Discovery with Dynamic Queries
2.Seeing the World Through Image Libraries
User controlled overviews of an image library: A case study of the Visible Human
Direct Annotation: A Drag-and-Drop Strategy for Labeling Photos
PhotoMesa: A Zoomable Image Browser using Quantum Treemaps and Bubblemaps
A Photo History of SIGCHI: Evolution of Design from Personal to Public

3.Preserving Context with Zoomable User Interfaces
Does Animation Help Users Build Mental Maps of Spatial Information
Jazz: An Extensible Zoomable User Interface Graphics ToolKit in Java
Zoomable user interfaces as a medium for slide show presentations
Navigation Patterns and Usability of Overview+Detail and Zoomable User Interfaces for Maps

4. The World's Information in Digital Libraries
Bringing Treasures to the Surface: Iterative design for the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program
Building an Electronic Learning Community: From Design to Implementation
Visualizing Digital Library Search Results with Categorical and Hierarchial Axes
Designing a Digital Library for Young Children: An Intergenerational Partnership
The International Children's Digital Library: Viewing Digital Books Online

5. Making Sense of the World Wide Web
Visualizing websites using a hierarchical table of contents browser: WebTOC
Elastic Windows: A Hierarchical Multi-Window World-Wide Web Browser
Graphical Multiscale Web Histories: A Study of PadPrints

6. Understanding Hierarchical Data
Visual decision-making: using treemaps for the analytic hierarchy process
Hierarchical visualization with Treemaps: Making sense of pro basketball data
Visual information management for network configuration
Ordered and Quantum Treemaps: Making Effective Use of 2D Space to Display Hierarchies
Interactive Information Visualization of a Million Items
SpaceTree: Supporting Exploration in Large Node Link Tree, Design Evolution and Empirical Evaluation

7. Innovating the Interaction
Fisheye Menus
LifeLines: Using Visualization to Enhance Navigation and Analysis of Patient Records
Interactive exploration of time-series data
Excentric Labeling: Dynamic Neighborhood Labeling for Data Visualization
A Fisheye Calendar Interface for PDAs: Providing Overviews for Small Displays
Interactively exploring hierarchical clustering results
A user interface for coordinating visualizations based on relational schemata

8. Theories for Understanding Information Visualization
Image browsers: Taxonomy, guidelines, and informal specifications
The eyes have it: A task by data type taxonomy for information visualizations
Supporting Creativity with Advanced Information-Abundant User Interfaces
Inventing Discovery Tools: Combining Information Visualization with Data Mining

Information Visualisation Sites and Companies Relevant to this Book
OLIVE: On-line Library of Information Visualization Environments
Hive Group

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