Designing the User Interface, Third Edition

by Ben Shneiderman

The most complete introduction to user interface design available. For anyone who needs to understand the complex interaction between humans and machines . The 5th edition of this book appeared in 2010.

Based on 20 years experience, Shneiderman offers practical techniques and guidelines for interface design. He discusses underlying issues and supports conclusions with empirical results. This new edition features new chapters on the WWW, information visualization, and computer-supported cooperative work; expanded coverage of evaluation techniques and user-interface-building tools; and a discussion of speech input-output, natural-language interaction, anthropomorphic design, virtual environments, and agents. An associated booksite on the Web additional illustrations and links to useful resources. 
An extensive site for this book has been developed, including portions of the text, links to related websites, and other materials. 
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Published 1997; 600pp.  Hardcover (57286)  $44.95

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