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Project description

POSViz is an interface to support humanities scholars in exploring and characterizing name entities in literary text collections. Users can interactively select name entities and visualize tagclouds or relationships to other entities based on a vicinity (same sentence, paragraph or chapter). Tag clouds attributes (words order, size, color, ..) can interactively be bound to words occurrences, frequency or order of appearance, in order to better understand entities surrounding words. Auto-organizing network attributes (size of nodes, colors, links, ..) can also be interactively bound to name entities (according to vicinity, number of co-occurrences, ..), but this time to better understand relationships between entities.


Romain Vuillemot, (PhD Graduate Student visiting from LIRIS, INSA Lyon, Université de Lyon, France)
Catherine Plaisant, PhD, Associate Research Scientist, HCIL
Tanya Clement (PhD Graduate Student, English Department)


Not available yet.

Publications and reports

Clement, T., Plaisant, C., Vuillemot, R.
The Story of One: Humanity scholarship with visualization and text analysis HCIL Technical report 2008-33 (November 2008)

Sponsors and Partners

The project is conducted in collaboration the Maryland Institute for Technologies in the Humanities (MITH). We appreaciate support from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation as part of the MONK project. This work was also support by Région Rhône-Alpes (France) mobility grant support.

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