Treemap97 Software Download

Last update, Septempber 30, 1999

Authors: Jerome Brown, Shaun Gittens, Chris North

Software: Download updated Treemap97 software.

This software is an update to the original Treemap97 implementation, and fixes several bugs and supports several new options. See that page for more description.

This implementation of Treemaps is for Windows 95 or better systems. It displays hierarchical data loaded from a data file, and has a control panel to support examining different attributes of hierarchy nodes. The download includes several example data files. See file format. It also includes an OLE Automation (COM) API for integration with other software. For examples, see Snap-Together Visualization.

The download also includes a program, Dirtree, to generate treemap data files of the files on your hard drives. This enables you to simulate the original WinSurfer functionality. This additional program may require you to download VB runtime files, and put them in the same folder as Dirtree.

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