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If you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Treemap Non-commercial Use License, and have registered your license by filling out the Treemap Registration Form, you may download the Treemap Demo.

This zip file contains the complete software needed for the Treemap Demo. The software is freely available for non-commercial use. By installing this software, you agree to this usage. The software is offered on an AS IS basis, and is not supported.

For commercial licensing information, please contact the Office of Technology Commercialization at The University of Maryland ( 301-403-2711, James Poulos (

Download Treemap 4.1.2 (requires Java 1.4)
All the documentation is ONLINE!
Note: Treemap 4.1.2 is a BETA version, which means it is expected that you find bugs and unexpected behavior.
Please feel free to report them to us as you find them. There are many new features and changes in 4.1,
therefore we anticipate that some unintended effects may have been introduced due to the new interactions
of new features and changes with the existing functionality.

Download Treemap (requires Java 1.4) has SVG support (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Download Treemap 4.1.1 (requires Java 1.4)

Download Treemap 4.1.0 (requires Java 1.4)

Download Treemap 4.0.5 (requires Java 1.4)

Download Treemap 4.0.4 (requires Java 1.4)

Download Treemap 4.0.2 (requires Java 1.4)

Download GO(specialversion) (requires Java 1.4 and PERL to run the parser)

Download Treemap 4.0 (requires Java 1.4)

Download Treemap 3.2 (requires Java 1.3)

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