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Save Settings

You can save the hierarchies you created, layout options, zoom level, label, size and color choices and filtering options by using Save Settings.
The following settings are NOT saved.
Having Problems with Save Settings?

--Common Errors experienced by several users:
  • Make sure you open the *.tms file and not the *.tm3 file. The tms file includes a pointer to the tm3 data and loads it with the correct settings. This allows saving several settings for the same data file.

  • If you are using any version prior to Treemap 4.0, save settings will not work. You have to save the new settings entirely as the format has changed and the old settings files are not updated properly. Start from the tm3 file, set the controls as you want, and save the settings as a *.tms file.

Create your own BATCH file

  • Suppose, you wish to create My.BAT file.

  • Go to NotePad, select "Save As" option from the "File" menu. Then type "My.BAT" and click "Save". Make sure to have the "My.BAT" within double quotes (") as they are required to correctly save this file as Batch format. You can use any text editor to effectively create your own BATCH file, however, remember to include the double quotes (").

  • The commands required for a BATCH file:

    • java -jar TreemapProgram.jar
      The filename can be either in *.tm3 or *.tms format.
      IMPORTANT:The data file mention in this command line should be saved in the data folder.
    • java -jar Monitor.jar
      This command is needed to determine whether Treemap exits normally or due to Java out of Memory Error. There are a number of Java runtime errors but we only focus on one.

    • pause
      This command is optional and needed only if you wish to monitor the type of errors that occur at runtime. If there are any, please email the entire error message to us at, so we can continually improve the quality of Treemap program for future usage.

  • "Example: To open census.tms file if My.BAT file is executed.
    • java -jar TreemapProgram.jar census.tms

    • java -jar Monitor.jar


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