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Multiple Open/Close Operations:

In elastic windows items selected are associated with windows. These windows generally contain some information related to the selected item e.g. a detailed view or another representation. The current system only supports iconic items and textual list items.

Once an item or group of items have been selected all of them can be opened with a single open operation by dragging and dropping on the border of an existing window. The existing window is pushed according to the position of the border to open space for the newly created window or windows. Double-clicking on the border achieves the same effect.

Selecting and opening a group of objects is primarily done to add a number of windows to an existing window group. This way multiple windows can be opened with a single operation.

A window is closed by selecting the Close operation from the menu. When a window is closed, the freed space is partitioned to other windows at the same level proportional to their previous sizes. The Close operation can also be applied to windows at any level of the hierarchy. Closing a higher level window will close all its subwindows as well.

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