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Multiple Resize Operations:

Windows at any level of the hierarchy can be resized by dragging on the border. All four borders of a window can be used in resizing. The drag direction and the border being dragged determines the effect as explained in the Layout Dynamics section.

The corners of a window is used for diagonal resizing. The sides are used for either horizontal or vertical resizing depending on the border.

Figure 5: Bidirectional resizing is used to enlarge a window belonging to a group easily.

Inside a group window with many windows open, typically users need to focus on one of these windows for a certain time. Bidirectional resizing becomes handy in such situations. This operation resizes a window in both directions by pushing/pulling the opposing borders by the same amount. Figure 5 shows the result of bidirectional resizing to see more of the contents of the middle window inside the group window.

A window can be resized in all directions simultaneously by the pump operation. Pumping a window resizes the window pushing all the surrounding windows to the sides. The operation can be invoked by pressing either the left or right button of the mouse on the pump gadget. Pressing the left (right) button causes window size to be enlarged (reduced) in all directions according to the duration of press.

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