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Scope and Limitations

Usage of Elastic Windows is expected to require more training for novice users. Organization, access and manipulation power in Elastic Windows comes with an increased complexity in usage. My experience in the user study has been that users with more than 5 years of computer experience were able to outperform the systems that they are accustomed to, with a 15 minute training. More training time would be appropriate for novice users.

Elastic Windows is designed for large, high resolution displays and for computers with moderate graphics processing power. While currently it is not applicable to all systems, with the current trend in display and computer technology, it is expected to be more widely used.

Hierarchies are the most common information structure in our daily tasks. The Elastic Windows approach is more suitable for browsing hierarchical information than other information structures. While it has been successfully employed for browsing web documents, which have an inherent graph structure, the browsing process typically used by many is hierarchical.

Eser Kandogan
Sun Sep 13 18:34:46 EDT 1998

Web Accessibility