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Task Environment Setup

The mean task environment setup times for the low complexity treatment are 13.4 ( tex2html_wrap_inline2230 ) and 14.6 ( tex2html_wrap_inline2232 ) seconds for Elastic Windows and independent overlapping windows, respectively. No significant differences are observed for the low complexity treatment ( tex2html_wrap_inline2234 ).

For the medium complexity treatment, however, subjects performs faster with Elastic Windows ( tex2html_wrap_inline2236 ).

For the high complexity situation, subjects performs about 4 times faster with Elastic Windows ( tex2html_wrap_inline2238 ) than with independent overlapping windows ( tex2html_wrap_inline2240 ) seconds). Greater differences are found in the high complexity treatment compared to the medium complexity treatment ( tex2html_wrap_inline2242 ).

Figure gif shows the mean task completion times with standard deviations marked as rectangles over the bars in the chart. Minimum and maximum completion times are shown as a vertical line over the bar. The three-way ANOVA statistics found no significant difference related to interface ordering and task set differences at all complexities.


Eser Kandogan
Sun Sep 13 18:34:46 EDT 1998

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