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Limitations and Future Work

Elastic Windows is primarily designed for expert users dealing with many pieces of information in complex task situations such as programming. In this regards, target hardware is assumed to have a large high resolution display with moderate graphics power typically found on the desktop computers in use by expert users.

Applications that make the most use of the Elastic Windows approach are those where it makes sense to organize information hierarchically. This is true for most applications in both business and science domains.

Further improvements to the Elastic Windows software can be made by incorporating animations into the interface, where the contents are rescaled as the user is reorganizing the layout. An application programmer's interface needs to be written to apply the ideas into a variety of domains easily. Programmability of the interface will accommodate more users where they can tailor the system for their particular tasks and preferred style.

Eser Kandogan
Sun Sep 13 18:34:46 EDT 1998

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