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General Instructions

Instructions for the Subject

There are three tasks with varying difficulty. Four questions will be
given total for each task. You will answer these four questions in two

You will be assigned to a task schedule by the Administrator. An example
schedule looks like this:

 E2 -> I1         L  M (ML) H (HM) (MH)

According to this schedule you will use Elastic Windows interface to
answer Question Set 2, and then use Independent Windows interface to
answer Question Set 1. Each question set involves three tasks of low,
medium, and high complexity indicated by letters L, M, and H
respectively. According to the above schedule you will be asked first
to open documents for task L, and then answer two questions. When
assigned to a task, you are required to read both of the questions
loudly even before opening the documents for that task. You should
tell the administrator what you are going to do as well.You will be
timed separately for opening these documents and answering each of the
two questions.  When ready tell the administrator to start timing and
when done tell him to stop. You are welcome to ask any questions
before starting to work on a task.

Since there are two more questions regarding task L later, you will be
asked to either minimize or iconize these windows depending on the

Secondly, you will do task M similarly. After finishing task M do not
minimize or iconize windows related to that task immediately since at
this point the administrator is going to measure the time you need to
switch to task L. The experiment goes in a similar fashion.

Eser Kandogan
Sun Sep 13 18:34:46 EDT 1998

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