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The copy operation creates a duplicate of a window or hierarchy of windows with their contents at a different location in the existing window hierarchy. In order to copy a window, first the operation must be selected from the window menu. Then, the shape of the mouse pointer changes to indicate that a copy operation is in progress. Clicking on an existing window border copies the selected window as in the open operation. Clicking on the content of an empty window, copies it into the empty window as the only child of the empty window.

The relative proportions of the subwindows copied are kept the same at their new location. Operations performed on the content of both the copy and the original windows update the same data source, thus changes to the contents in one of them immediately affect the other one.

The move operation is performed similar to the copy operation. However, the move operation relocates a window or hierarchy of windows to a new location in the hierarchy, while removing the windows at the old location (Figure gif). Similarly, the relative proportions of the subwindows moved are preserved at the new location.


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