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To make sense of the mass of e-mail messages users receive every day, they need to organize, archive, and filter messages effectively. While most of the mail-tools available allow users to save messages in different folders, getting an overview of the e-mail archive can be problematic since users do not always remember which folders and files to look into. Directory listing of the message archive may not provide an effective overview since the organization might be hard to visualize.

Most of the mail-tools do not provide effective screen management facilities that allow users to compare multiple messages at once. While some tools rely on the window manager to handle multiple message windows, some do not even allow users to look at more than one message. Grouping related messages and people might prove to be useful since it facilitates comparison and also functions as reminders of related messages and people.

Eser Kandogan
Sun Sep 13 18:34:46 EDT 1998

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