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Find Window

The find window algorithm is used to find the lowest level window enclosing a given point on the desktop. The pseudo-code algorithm of (FindWindow) functions is listed in Appendix gif. This function is typically used by the desktop component in order to find the target window in the event propagation module. The find window algorithm starts from the root of the current window hierarchy. It first checks if the point lies outside the coordinates of the root window, in that case an error is returned. If not, at each level either the x or y coordinate of the point is compared depending on the type of the window at that level, and appropriate index of the child window (W) is determined to enclose the point in that dimension. This process continues in a loop until W is null, a packed node, has no children, or an H-Node with the point on the border region, and then W is returned as the lowest level enclosing window.

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