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Universal Usability Statement

This Universal Usability Statement provides HCIL web site visitors with information regarding steps that we have taken to make the site usable by a wider range of users. The HCIL home page and all first-level pages in the HCIL pages (pages that the home page link to) have been checked for adherence to this policy. Some older pages have exceptions, but our lab community is making an effort to promote universal usability in current projects.

For more information on universal usability statements, see the Universal Usability Policy Statement Template. For additional details about Universal Usability, see Universal Usability in Practice.

  • Browser Requirements
    • Versions Tested:
      • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000: Internet Explorer 4.0, 5.5; Netscape 4.73
      • Solaris: Netscape 4.75, Lynx 2.7.1(Screendumps and SimPLE pages don't work with Lynx, as they use frames).
      • Linux: Netscape 4.75
      • Macintosh: Internet Explorer 4.5,5.0; Netscape 4.7
    • Minimum HTML version required: 4.01 Traditional
    • Plug-Ins required: none
    • Avoids Java: yes
    • Java version required: Not Applicable
    • Avoids JavaScript: Yes on the main page, but JavaScript is used on the Jazz Home Page
    • JavaScript versions: Compatible with above versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer
    • Avoids Frames: yes
    • Avoids Cascading Style Sheets: yes
    • CSS Features: Not Applicable
    • Avoids ActiveX: yes
    • Avoids Layers: yes
    • Avoids Cookies: yes
    • Avoids multiple windows: yes

  • Basic System Requirements
    • Operating Systems that the site has been tested on:
      • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000
      • Solaris 2.6
      • Linux RedHat 6.1, 7.0
      • Macintosh OS 8.5.1

  • Input Devices:
    • Mouse requirements: None
    • Navigable with Keyboard only: Not Tested
    • Compatible speech recognition products: None tested

  • Display
    • Screen Resolution: 640x480 Minimum, 800x600 Recommended
    • Designed for fixed width: No
    • Screen Sizes designed and tested with:
      • 640x480
      • 800x600
      • 1024x768
      • 1152x864
      • 1280x1024
      • 1600x1200
    • Hand-held devices supported/tested: None
    • Mobile devices supported/tested: None
    • Presence of alternative depictions (for screen readers): Everywhere on home page
    • Do all non-text messages have text equivalents?: Yes
    • Font sizes used and tested: Arial and Helvetica, all font sizes adjustable.

  • Audio/Video
    • Types of audio/video output: none
    • Alternative labels/description or other displays for audio/video data?: Not Applicable

  • Network Connection
    • Maximum download size per page (KB) : 394 KB
    • Minimum & recommended connection bandwidth: 56K
    • Network access speeds tested, along with average/expected times for each speed (list):
      • 14.4K, 37 seconds
      • 28.8K, 20 seconds
      • 33.6K, 18 seconds
      • 56K, 14 seconds
      • ISDN, 5 seconds
      • T1, 1.5 seconds
      Source: Netscape's Web Site Garage

  • Access for users with disabilities
    • Text only version of site: No
    • Alternative browsers supported (and tested): None tested
    • Screen readers supported and tested: None tested
    • Accessibility validators used and conformance levels? Bobby, Priority 1
    • Reading level assumed: Not measured
    • Tested for color deficiencies (color blindness): No
    • Screen magnifier software tested: None
    • Braille keyboard support: None tested
    • Can users turn off rendering features that can affect usability?: Yes

  • Diverse Users
    • Languages supported: English
    • Languages supported via inline translations: English
    • Tested on both left-right and right-left languages: No
    • Translations supported by online translators: Yes, except for navigation buttons in banner image
    • Education Level Required: Not tested
    • Novice user testing conducted and results: None
    • Experience required: No assumptions made
    • Other user background assumptions: None
    • Other internationalization support: None

  • User support
    • Email response expectations: we will try to respond within 72 hours
    • Phone support available during business hours (9AM-5PM EST), at +1 301 405 2725
    • Online communities or newsgroups: HCIL has several mailing lists: see for details.
    • This site does not have an FAQ.

  • Contact Information

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