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Browne, H., Bederson, B., Druin, A., Sherman, L., Westerman, W., Bederson, B. (Advisor) (September 2000)
Designing a Collaborative Finger Painting Application for Children
HCIL-2000-17, CS-TR-4184, UMAICS-TR-2000-66

We describe the design and implementation of a collaborative, computer-based finger painting program for children using a new hardware input device called a Multi-Touch Surface (MTS). The MTS uses a flat surface about the size of a keyboard to track multiple, simultaneous finger motions, which we transform into paint strokes on a screen. We describe related work and explain how our program design was guided by the suggestions of children. We discuss the hardware and software of the MTS and the challenges of designing our program. Finally, we present the Finger Painting Table, a collaborative, embedded application built using the MTS, and discuss future work.


Community Analysis and Visualization Screenshot

Community Analysis and Visualization
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