Download Arrowlets

The current release of Arrowlets is arrowlets-alpha-20081103.js. This release introduces support for tuples and thus all the basic arrow combinators. More details are available in the release notes, as well as links to older releases.

The version described in the technical report, which may be easier to understand, is also available as simplearrowlets.js. Note that the API has changed slightly between this and the current version.


Arrowlets is most well-tested on the WebKit Nightlies. Additionally, it has also been tested in the following browsers:

Safari3.1.2, 4.0 Developer Preview
WebKitr34070, r38064
Firefox2.0, 3.0
Internet Explorer6 and 7 with base2.DOM

Other recent versions of the above browsers should work as well.

Internet Explorer

Arrowlets can also be made to work in Internet Explorer using the very nifty base2.DOM compatibility library. Include the following scripts in order before Arrowlets:

  2. base2-bind-ie.js

Web Accessibility