Merging Errors and Faults as a Team

In this session subjects were asked to meet as a team and produce a final list of faults and errors. Partly this was to see how difficult of a job it would be to merge error lists.

Teams were assigned in the following way: we used a questionnaire to assess subjects' experience in areas related to the PBR2 perspectives they would be using in the rest of the experiment. We then assigned reviewers to PBR2 perspectives in such a way as to provide equal numbers of reviewers at each level of experience. Teams were then created according to the following criteria:

Although the PBR2 perspectives had no bearing on this session, we wanted to use the same teams in session 4C as in this session and so composed PBR2 teams ahead of time. Naturally, other schemes for team assignment can be used depending on the experimental goals.

On average, teams in our study took 2.3 hours to complete their meeting.

Description and Training



Experimental Artifacts

Subjects used the same requirements document that was assigned in session 1A.

Data Collection and Questionnaires

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